Didgeridoonas Oilskin - Boot Guards


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Australian Oilskin Boot Guards

Tough and hardy Australian oilskin Boot Guards to protect your boots and feet from rain and burs.
They’re elasticated, so they’ll cling tight to your ankle and stop the rain, burs and stones from gunking up your footgear.
One-size-fits-all: the Boot Guards are elasticated and they’ll protect you even if you have skinny legs.

Imagine stopping to pick burs out of your socks or shoelaces, or gravel out of your shoes. Imagine rain soaking through the top of your boot, making your foot a swampy puddle.That’s a real pain in the foot.
These boot guards are water repellent, Australian oilskin, and they’ll protect your boots from the burs and rock and rain of the outdoors.

DIMENSIONS : One-size-fits-all

  • Do not machine wash
  • Do not use soap
  • Hand wash only
  • Remove soil with soft brush
  • Sponge with cold water
  • Avoid contact with other materials to prevent transfer of oil
  • Reproof oilskin when necessary with DIDGERIDOONAS reproofer

  • 100% Cotton Outer(Wax Cotton)
    Designed in Australia and made from 100% Australia
    Proudly Assembled in Fiji

    Colours may vary slightly from the image.
    Accessories of example of use are not included.


    Australian Oilskin
    Australian Oilskin is made from 100% cotton that is coated with a specialised oil and wax finish to give the Oilskin its distinctive waterproof, breathable and wind resistant properties.