Didgeridoonas Oilskin - KIDS Full Length Coat - BROWN


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Waterproof Oilskin KIDS Full Length Coat - BROWN

Now the ankle-biters won’t have anything to complain about, and they can say goodbye to Mozzies with this Full Length Coat! With weatherproof Australian oilskin, there’s no excuse to stay inside when you’ve got The Frankie! Full protection and full smiles, helping your kids make the most of the outdoors!

Available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14

(*Girl (age 6) is wearing size 6, boy (age 4) is wearing size 4)

100% Cotton Outer(Wax Cotton) 
Designed in Australia and made from 100% Australia 
Proudly Assembled in Fiji

Colours may vary slightly from the image.
Accessories of example of use are not included.


Australian Oilskin 
Australian Oilskin is made from 100% cotton that is coated with a specialised oil and wax finish to give the Oilskin its distinctive waterproof, breathable and wind resistant properties.