Didgeridoonas Oilskin - Overlander Backpack


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Overlander Backpack

What do you call two bottle holders and stacks of pockets wrapped in weatherproof, hardwearing Australian oilskin? The Overlander.
Oh boy.
The main compartment is massive, with more than enough room for textbooks, documents, and other equipment.
It even has its own padded partition for a big old laptop or other delicate object.
On top of the bag is a little zip pocket which is great for smaller items you want to find in a hurry, like USBs or change.
There’s an insulated lunch box pocket which can keep your lunch cool for hours.
And finally, there’s the front-most pocket which has a myriad of pen slots, partitions and pockets to keep your sundries organised.
And there’s still the two drink bottle holders, the comfy, padded strap and leather carry handle to talk about.
The Overlander doesn’t care where you’re headed.
Daily commute? A bushwalk? A picnic? It’ll do a damn good job.

DIMENSIONS : 25 × 35 × 50(H) cm

LITERAGE : 43 Liters

  • Do not machine wash
  • Do not use soap
  • Hand wash only
  • Remove soil with soft brush
  • Sponge with cold water
  • Avoid contact with other materials to prevent transfer of oil
  • Reproof oilskin when necessary with DIDGERIDOONAS reproofer

  • 100% Cotton Outer(Wax Cotton)
    100% Australian Wool Insulation (Only the detachable bag contains wool) 
    Designed in Australia and made from 100% Australia
    Proudly Assembled in Fiji

    Colours may vary slightly from the image.
    Accessories of example of use are not included.


    Australian Oilskin
    Australian Oilskin is made from 100% cotton that is coated with a specialised oil and wax finish to give the Oilskin its distinctive waterproof, breathable and wind resistant properties.

    Australian Wool (Only the detachable bag contains wool)
    Australian Wool has amazing natural insulating properties.
    It is active and has the ability to keep items warm in the winter and cool in the summer.