Didgeridoonas Oilskin - Oilskin Reproofer Splay Bottle


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Oilskin Reproofer Spray

If you care for your oilskin, Oilskin Reproofer Spray cares for you.

The Oilskin Reproofer is a vital part of keeping your Didgeridoonas in tip-top condition, and to extend the life whatever!

This spray will extend or restore the waterproofing so it can continue to keep you dry.
It is antibacterial to prevent mould and mildew but isn’t greasy.

Just spray it on any dry patches in your oilskin, such as seams or creases, to ‘top up the oil’.
Or, spray thoroughly over the entire product to fully restore the waterproofing.
In either case, let it dry thoroughly before taking it out in the rain.

For restoring and extending the water repellent properties of oilskin clothing, footwear,camping and outdoor gear.

Made in Australia 125ml

  • Shake well before use
  • For new articles apply before use
  • Will restore finish and water-proof qualities of used articles
  • Hold the pomp spray 25 cm(10 inches) from the article to be treated and completely wet the surface
  • Allow to dry thoroughly
  • The water and oil repellent properties improve with longer curing times
  • Faster drying will be achieved with the use of a hair dryer

  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Avoid contact with eyes

  • If in eyes or on skin, flush thoroughly with water
  • If irritation persists seek medical advice

  • Colours may vary slightly from the image.