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Name: Marlu Jukurrpa (Red Kangaroo Dreaming) Yarnardilyi & Jurnti

Painting Story

This painting depicts the Marlu Jukurrpa (red kangaroo
[Macropus rufus] Dreaming) from Yarnardilyi and Jurnti (Mt
Dennison area). ‘Marlu’ are highly valued as a food source by
Warlpiri people. In the story of this painting an old ancestral
kangaroo named Warlawee, who made its camp at Jurnti and
moves from place to place – hunting during the day and
returning at night to the camp, which it has formed by digging
depressions in the soft ground. Warlawee traveled around
large areas of country looking for their preferred foods, which
include ‘yukuri’ (fresh green growth) and ‘yulkardi’ (desert
cucumber [Mukia micrantha]) a low-growing herb found
underneath ‘mulga’ trees which is used by Warlpiri people for
medicinal purposes. He is thinking about having a ceremony
for men. Women are not permitted to dance in this ceremony.
This Jukurrpa is the custodial responsibility of
Japaljarri/Jungarrayi men and Napaljarri/Nungarrayi women. In
contemporary Warlpiri paintings traditional iconography is
used to represent the Jukurrpa, particular sites and other
elements. Concentric circles are often used in depictions of this
story to represent the rocks at Yarnardilyi. The arc shapes
depict the kangaroo’s camp in the Jurnti area and ‘E’ and
hooked shapes usually depict the ‘marlu wirliya’ (kangaroo fore
and hind footprints) while long, straight lines represent the
‘marlu ngirnti’ (kangaroo tail tracks).

SOFT: Bamboo fibre is softer than the softest cotton, has a natural sheen to the surface and feels similar to silk or cashmere.

PROTECTIVE: Bamboo fibre clothing is naturally anti-microbial that requires no finish treatment with harmful chemicals. Bamboo apparel is comfortable, thermal regulating that will keep the body cooler, drier, warmer and odour free.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Bamboo's organic and natural properties make it non-irritating so perfect for extra sensitive skin. and it cuts out 98% of harmful UV rays.

The pattern may differ slightly from the image depending on the place where of the cloth to be cut out.

Fabric:  65% Bamboo Fibre / 35% Cotton

Clothes handling tag with one spare button

  • Wash before use(will shrink a little bit)
  • Warm machine
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not soak
  • Dry whiteout delay
  • Do not tumble dry (Shrink very much)
  • Cool Iron on reverse
  • Do not dry clean

*Note: Not recommended to drip dry in the sun, It may be heat and shrink. (Especially summer)
Colours may vary slightly from the image.